Genetic Editing - Is It Right?

By: Ira R. Telford

Genetic Editing

Genetic editing is the act of removing one part of a person or thing's DNA and replacing it with another. It allows scientists to change something as little as eye color to as big as immunities to things like HIV. This is how something like watermelons at stores are always such a large size and are mass produced. Genetic Editing is also a way of changing how something thinks or acts and also allows the creation of a new virus in a human which is partially why its so dangerous.

1. A boy is being born with a gene that makes him weaker than most people, using Genetic editing this could be made into a gene that allows him to have greater strength.
2. A boy is being born as a boy but using Genetic editing he could be turned into a girl if the parents wished for it.
3. A girl is being born with a disability that will deform her face and hands, using Genetic editing this can be changed to allow her to be born with a normal face and hands.

Using Genetic Editing could both harm and help us in more ways than one and we must ask ourselve's this: Is it important at this very moment? Is it the right thing to do? Using these questions you could ask yourself if it is honestly worth the risk and if it is truly the way to go with our planet and our lives because once Genetic Editing is done it cannot be undone.